SHED – The Marketplace Armagh, 17th May to 6th July 2024

Bridge Street Studios is thrilled to present their latest visual art exhibition, ‘Shed,’ hosted at the prestigious Market Place Theatre & Arts Centre Armagh. The exhibition will run from 17th May to 6th July 2024, with opening hours from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm. The Opening Launch is set to take place at 3 pm on Saturday 18th May, and the artists are delighted to welcome Paul McEneaney from Cahoots Theatre, to launch the show officially. All welcome!

The ‘Shed’ exhibition features the works of nine dynamic professional artists and craftspeople who are all based in Bridge Street Studios, including Orlaith Cullinane, Rachel Tinniswood, Mary Cowan, Cathy McKeown, Suzanne Carroll, Caoilfionn Murphy O’Hanlon, Orla Barry, Sarah McKenna, and Fiona Quigley. Their collective expertise spans various mediums, including paintings, sculpture, prints, ceramics, textiles, and mixed media.

The artists have masterfully explored the theme of “shed” with rich imagery, allusion, and symbolism, crafting responses and connections on personal, local, and universal levels. Each artist brings a unique perspective to the theme, creating a diverse and thought-provoking exhibition.

Highlighted Works from ‘Shed’:

  • Orla Barry presents a series of hinged triptychs, offering homages to nature that shed light on its wonder and beauty.
  • Orlaith Cullinane, through sculpture and drawing, explores the shedding of light into the shadow side of the psyche.
  • Rachel Tinniswood manipulates fabric and silk, creating pieces with a skin-like quality that centre around layers and renewal.
  • Sarah McKenna’s sculptures delve into the layers of stories that shape our identity, exploring the desire to shed certain layers while acknowledging their integral role.
  • Fiona Quigley, inspired by the concept of shedding inhibitions, captures the beauty of nature in mixed media pieces, including acrylic, oil, machine embroidery, and handmade papers.
  • Suzanne Carroll’s studio practice is influenced by her surroundings on the Cooley Mountains. For Shed the work depicts the now extinct Giant Irish Red Deer. Many examples of its antlers, which it sheds annually, have been found preserved in our peat bogs and ancient lakes. As we marvel at the spread of this magnificent creature’s crowning glory, Suzanne encourages the viewer to consider the National Parks and Wildlife’s Red list of threatened native species and asks how many more of our native species are we prepared to shed from the delicately balanced ecosystem on our island.
  • Mary Cowan explores an old, abandoned shed near where she lives, creating a series of ceramic sculptures inspired by the treasures found inside.
  • Cathy McKeown’s large, vivid paintings explore the duality of spaces as inside and outside.

Visual artist Orlaith Cullinane from Bridge Street Studios has commented, “I am thrilled to be part of ‘Shed,’ an exhibition that goes beyond individual perspectives, uniting the diverse talents of Bridge Street Studios. Through our collective exploration of the theme, we shed light on the beauty, renewal, and layers of stories that define our artistic journey. We can’t wait to invite visitors to the Basement Gallery, allowing them to explore this collection of artwork that truly reflects our members’ diverse and vibrant creativity.”

Nestled in a historic 250-year-old grain store, Bridge Street Studios is a testament to Dundalk’s thriving creativity. As one of Ireland’s oldest and largest independent artistic collectives, the Studios have been an integral part of the town’s creative fabric since their formation in 1996.



Saturday 18th May: Orlaith Cullinane ‘Drawing the Dance’ Workshop. – 10am – 12pm (SOLD OUT)

Saturday 25th May: ‘Meet the Maker’ Talks at the Craft Fair in the Market Place – 12pm – 1pm and 2pm – 3pm

Saturday 1st June: Suzanne Carroll ‘A Morning of Experimental Drawing’ Workshop – 10am – 12pm


Venue – Market Place Theatre & Arts Centre Armagh

Dates – 17th May to 6th July 2024

Opening hours – 9.30am to 4.30pm

We would love to see you!

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